Monday, June 29, 2015

Myles, Myles and Myles

 Grandpa Jerry with Myles and cousin Colby
 Myles enjlying his new chair at home!!
 Myles at Hepp Excavating 35th Anniversay Party
 Myles and Mommy enjoying Hepp 35th Anniversary party
Myles, Colby, Grandpa Jerry and Elvis impersonator!
All Hepp customers and family had a great time!

Mom and Myles washing Mommy's car!

Myles is going to spray Mommy with the hose!
To much fun!

Myles went to visit Daddy on Father's Day!

Myles and cousin Henry hanging out together!

Grandpa Brian showing Myles how to play soft ball!
Myles caught on really fast!!

Now Grandpa Brian teaching Myles to bat!
Myles hit the ball and out into the field!
Grandpa Brian and Myles had to go look for it!
Way to go Myles!

Myles and cousin Zane having fun driving around the yard!

Myles and Uncle Mike and Henry cooling off on
a very hot day!  Yep Uncle Mike did go shopping
and got a bigger Pool! LOL

Aunt Chrissy, Aunt Jenny took Gavin, Myles, Zane and
Henry to Madison zoo!  Had lots of fun!

Cousins having fun at the zoo.

Zane, Myles and Gavin so excited to see the sea lions!

Time to go home from the Zoo and all four Grandkids
sitting on the big turtle!  What a great day!

Myles showing his big "muscles"!

Grandma Kitty with Gavin, Zane, Myles and Henry!
Having to much fun chasing the ducks and having a

Myles has been growing so fast!  Myles can count, as
he would say, "Eleventeen, twelveteen"!  He can say
and recognized all the letters in the alphabet already!
He knows all his colors even recoginize black and white!
Myles is now 2 weeks clear of wearing big boy pants.
Casey found Paw Patrol underwear and Myles loves them.
He does not want to get any of the puppies, Rubble, Chase,
Marshall wet!  So he is dry all day and night.  He is even
sitting on the adult potty!  Hey Myles!
Myles is such a great joy to have as a grandson! I
feel so blessed to have four fabulous grandson's. Matt
you would be so proud of you sisters and wife how they
are raising the boys!!
Matt I miss you so much!  I think everyday of the great
hugs you would give me!  I imagine those hugs and can
feel you hugging me!! Love you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Easter!

Myles at Easter fancing his cousin's bunny ears!

Myles with Uncle Nate and Uncle Mike and cousin Henry.

Myles playing the egg game with Uncle Jeff and Mom.  Myles lost!

Myles wanted to pet Uncle Jeff's cat!

Myles saying good bye to Henry.

Myles going to Grandma Linda's.

Myles egg hunting with Mom!

Uncle Nate helping Myles hunt for eggs!

Myles having a ball emptying all the candy out of the eggs he found!
Myles got to spend the night at Grandma Kitty's.  Myles
relaxing in the evening before bed!

Myles taking a bath before bed!  What a cutie!!

Easter was a lot of fun!  Myles got to spend the morning with Grandma and Grandpa Hepp and then got to
go to New Berlin to spend the afternoon with Grandma Kitty's side of the family!  Love hunting
for eggs and playing with cousins!!

Holidays can be hard with out you, Matt!

 This is what I have to keep in mind:

"I'll just wait in heaven,
'Til we meet again.
I know you miss me
Just remember I am free.
Free from pain and sorrow,
God's love fills each tomorrow.
My love's in your heart,
We'll never be apart.
Cherish the love we share,
Remember how much I care.
Someday we'll be together.
Because love lives forever!
So I'll just wait in heaven.
'Till we meet again."

Matthew's 3rd Heavenly Birthday!

Hi Matt,

All of us got together for the day so we would not be sad on our own!  We had a great day at Country Inn springs water park!  It is the best to share with our family on this day thinking of you!  It is hard to believe April 19th 3 years ago you left this earth to be with our Lord!  Although we would have prefer to have you here much longer I know God has a plan!  It does make it easier to know that you are in the best place ever!  But I still miss you so!!  Here is some pictures of our day!

Myles enjoys the water park!

Casey and Myles snuggling.

Myles and Uncle Nate playing with the water!

Uncle Nate and Myles trying to get Grandpa Brian and Cousin Zane wet.
They are doing a great job at it!!

Matt here is your whole family with Becky and her family too!

Myles loves to snuggle with Mommy!

Myles with his new cousin, Henry.

Grandma Kitty with Zane and Myles eating lunch.

Although we had a great day at the water park it didn't go without you on our minds the whole day!
You are very missed by your family and friends! 
Of all the special gifts in life
However great or small
To have you as my Son
Was the greatest gift of all.
A special time
Aspecial face
A special Son
I can't replace,
With an aching heart
I whisper low
I miss you Son
And love you so!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Way to Cute!!

Grandma Kitty trying to do a selfie with Myles!!! Oh man!!!

Myles showing us his smile he likes to make at 2 years old!!! LOL

Myles and Emily building a train track out of Legos!!!
We have to build a train track or fire station every day.
I just need to go rummaging and buy some trains to put
on our track and some fire truck to put in our station!!

Myles with his cousins all wearing their christmas sleepers!
Left to right: Zane, Myles, Gavin, Henry(baby), Emily, OLiver

Mr. Myles with his cute smile!!! :)

Myles and his cousin Colby rowing their boat!

Myles with Grandma Linda's happy birthday hats!
Myles giving Grandma Linda a push in her hammock!

Myles licking clean the cool whip cover!

Myles eating Grandpa Jerry's Cake!

Myles and Mommy talking!!!

Myles finally got to go outside on one warm day!

Myles, Oliver and Emily going for a walk with Annie who
has her ball so she is ready for anything!!

Grandma Linda's pictures through out the years!
There is picture of Linda & Matt having fun and
pictures with Myles!
Myles wearing Birthday hats from Grandma Linda's party!

I love you Matt and miss you every day!!
Love Mom