Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Myles following Daddy's foot steps!

Myles 2nd birthday picture!  What a cutie!!

Also one of Myles 2nd birthday picture!

Matt sleeping in a chair at 2 years old!

Myles falling asleep in his Daddy's kids chair he had when he was little!!
Matt's 2 year picture.  So what do you think?
I think that Matt and Myles look a lot alike!!!

In so many ways I see a lot of Matt in Myles!  Not just looks but in his mannerizms!
He is such a joy to watch and see him grow up!

Matt you would be so PROUD of your son!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Myles Second Birthday!Myl

Myles' Paw Patrol 2nd Birthday Cake!  It was amazing and it was made out of Cup Cakes

Myles' cousins Zane, Colby and Gavin

Colby and Myles and Zane in the car Matt had painted for their wedding.

Casey helping Myles open his birthday presents.

Myles got a hot wheel case for all his hot wheels!!

Casey made a floor mat for Myles to play on with his hot wheels.

Myles with his God father Uncle Nate!

Myles getting a kiss from his great Aunt!

Myles and his friends Steve and Kathy

Myles with Great Grandma Aud and Great Grandpa Art

Myles with Grandpa Jerry.

Myles with his Aunt Chrissy

Myles styling in his matching Camaro that his dad made!

Myles and his friend Darin

Myles and his Great Grandma Hepp and Mom!

Myles and Zane playing in the water table.

Myles and his friends Ashley and Zach

Myles with the Shield family

Myles and God Father Ryan

Myles and Aunt Chrissy and Zane and Gavin

Myles and Grandma Kitty and Grandpa Brian

Myles and Mommy
I can't believe it that Myles is now 2!  He is growing up way to fast!  His vocabulary is outstanding for a
2 year old.  I especially love it when he says, "Luv you Grandma Kitty"!   He knows a lot of his colors and he can count to 6 when he wants to!!  He is running fast and can jump up and down real good!  He can
throw a ball 10 or more feet no problem!  He practices all the time with Annie our golden retriever!  He is
always throwing the ball for the dog.

Myles had a super Paw Patrol Birthday Party!  He had his whole family and friends there to celebrate!

Love you Matt!  Miss you so very much!