Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What a cutie!!

Myles has been enjoying his one day at 3K this year!!  He maybe doesn't like to sing upfront in church to much!   He uses his time to wave to Mommy!! He is so cute! 

Matt you wouldn't believe the imagination he has!  You can tell they read a lot to him!
I just love listening to his stories!  There are dinosaurs that live by his house, he has been driving trains and he talks about puppies coming to his house!  This is just a few examples of the stories Myles tells me!!  Myles also told me at the lunch table that he
is getting married.  I was waiting for him to tell me what little girl he was marrying but
he said he is marrying, "Mommy & Travis"!  He is always listening!!

Here is Myles telling everyone his alphabet letters
he decorated!

Here is Myles pointing out the different projects he made!
Happy Valentine's Day form Myles!!!

This is Myles taking over Grandma Kitty's chair after
a nap!

Matt we miss you so much!!!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Merry Christmas Matt!

Just had our family Christmas get together!  Thought of you all day and wishing you
could be here!  Your son is amazing!  He is growing up so fast.  The stuff that Myles
says keeps me in laughter! 

When I put up my Christmas decorations he saw the lights around the doorway and told me, "Wow! I love your decorations!"  Now what three year olds says, I love your
decorations!!  He is too funny!!

Myles has sang in Church twice.  The first time he did try to sing the songs.  I thought that was pretty good since he only goes to school once a week.  I was practicing at home and at Grandma's.  So I know he knew the songs.  The second time for Christmas
program he was more interested in the jingle bells!!!  He was so darn cute!!

Myles is into Dinosaurs, he loves watching movies, still loves trains and any moving vehicles!!!  He is a chip of the old block!! 

You should see Myles when I am watching him and Henry.  I am not sure Myles needs
Grandma Kitty.  He can handle Henry all by himself!!  He goes and shuts all the doors so Henry can't go in any other room, he watches Henry if he is to close to the TV and he tells Henry that his milk cup has to stay in the Kitchen!!!  What a good little helper!!!

Myles third Birthday picture!

Myles third birthday picture!  My favorite one!

In November, our first snowfall!  Myles couldn't wait to go
outside with Travis and clean the driveway off!

Myles dressed for shoveling snow!

Doesn't this look familiar?  Matt and Nate would play with their
Match box cars all the time!  They would line them up, have their
car carpets out and play for hours with their cars!!

Grandpa Jerry and Myles having fun!!

Myles, Gavin and Zane having a sleepover at
Grandma Kitty's! What fun we had!
Then in the morning Grandma Kitty & Grandpa Brian
took the kids to see a movie, "The Good Dinosaur"!
They all loved that movie!!

Myles went shopping with Mom and talked her
into a stuffed, "Good Dinosaur" from the movie.

The Good Dinosaur going home with Myles! 

Dinosaur and Myles looking forward to going home together!!

Myles first and third Christmas!  Wow, what a difference!
Time for a bigger tree!

Myles with cousin Ella and Luke at the Danihel side
for Christmas.

Myles sitting on Santa's lap and finding out
he has been a pretty good boy!

Myles helping Uncle Nate open his Christmas presents.
With cousin Eric watching and Uncle Mike watching him.

Myles and cousin Henry taking a bath!

Myles and Zane shopping at Casco grocery store with Aunt Chrissy!

Christmas with Grandpa Brian & Grandma Kitty.
Gavin, Henry, Emily, Zane, Oliver and Myles

Myles and Zane sitting on Grandma Kitty's lap.

Everyone got matching PJ's from Cousin Becky, (Emily & Oliver's Mom)!
What a good looking group of kids!!!
Our four grandson's are growing up so fast!!

Henry is missing he had to go to bed.  Look at these
cool dudes!  I love them so much!

 One of my favorite pictures of  Myles.  Just an ordinary
day and he was hiding on Grandma Kitty!

 Myles and Cousin Colby
driving a gator!
 Myles, Zane and Gavin having a good game of Memory!

Myles helping Grandma Kitty making
Christmas cookies.
 Myles loves it in the kitchen helping!

 Myles singing at his Christmas concert!

Don't stand at my graveside
As if to say goodbye
I am still here
I did not die
I stand beside you
But you don't see
I give you signs
To show its me
My body has gone
But my soul is free
Under that stone
It is not me
I see I touch
I smell I feel
Everything they say
About heaven is real
I see your tears
I hear you sigh
But please don't ever
Say goodbye
Just trust my words
And carry on
I am still here
I have not gone

Matt I miss you sooo much!  I am so happy that we have Myles to see and
help! He looks and acts so much like you! 


Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Anniversary Matt & Casey

I miss you every Day!!!  Love you Matt!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Myles is getting so Big!

Myles is getting so BIG and so Smart!  Myles started school this September.  He is going to 3k once a week.  It is good for him to be around other kids.  His cousin Emily
is also in his class. Myles has taken to school really good.  He enjoys playing with the other kids.

The big thing for Myles and his cousins are dinasours!  Gavin has brought dinasours
to Grandma Kitty's.  We had to go shopping to get all the differen dinasours so the
kids can play with them.  It is unbelievable how the kids know each name of different
dinasours and if they are meat eaters or leaf eaters!!  Myles favorite dinasour is the T-Rex!!  Myles' puppy has to play with the new T-Rex at Grandma kittys.

Myles last hair cut was a breeze!  Now that Travis and puppy got their haircut it was
okay for Myles to sit good and get a haircut!!  Haircuts have not been fun!!

Myles so excited for his first day of school.

Myles having fun and cousin Emily behind him!

Casey, Travis and Myles doing homework!
That is how they spend their evenings lately!

Myles with Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Linda and cousin Colbey 

Myles with Uncle Ryan

Myles and Zane with Aunt Chrissy

Myles and Colby having fun outside.

Myles and Great Uncle Neil in his semi

Myles, Zane and Henry fooling around!!

When lunch is spaghetti the shirts come off!
They ended up with a bath.  Now at lunch
Myles keeps asking for his shirt off!  He
keeps saying, I need a bath"

Myles and Colby snuggling with Grandpa Jerry
Myles going on a ATV ride with Uncle Nate

I Love You Son

My dear son! I miss you so much
It keeps hurting, I can't stop crying
My eyes always search for you in the sky
Heart longs for finding you in the heaven

My dear son! You are my angel
I still feel that you are caring me from above
I tell my broken heart that you are still watching me
Heart longs for your care even from heaven

My dear son! You are my protector
I remember you when I feel lonely
I talk to you when I break into pieces
Heart longs for your support even from heaven

Matt you are in my Heart ALWAYS!
I Love You Son!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Matt you wouldn't believe how your son is growing!!  He is three years old all ready!
He can count into the teens!  I like eleventeen and twelveteen!!  He knows all his colors!  Jenny and I went shopping and he walked the the ribbon isle and said all the colors right!  Including black, white, gray and brown besides all the normal colors!
Myles loves playing with cars and trucks!  He lines them up on your old carpets and plays all day if you let him!!  He also loves to run and kick the soccer ball!  I think he
might follow your foot steps and play soccer!!!

You would be happy with the new Man Casey has picked to spend the rest of her life with!  Travis Riggs!  Our family sees how great he is with Casey and Myles!  You
don't have to worry!  They are getting married next June!

Casey entered your car in Riverfest car show.  Your car got best of show in your class!
People still think it is a "Sweet Ride"!

Missing you Son, every day!!

Myles 3rd Birthday Picture

Myles and his cars!

Myles touring Watertown Fire station

Some of our Relay for Life team!

Matt's car got Best of Show for his class! 
The trophey is bigger than Myles!

Myles 3rd "Cars" Birthday party!!

Great Grandma Hepp wishing Myles a happy birthday!

Travis's Family, brother Joe, Sister, Mallory and Sister, Liz
and Mother, Laura all enjoying Myles Birthday!

Grandma and Grandpa Hepp with the birthday boy!

Travis, Casey and Myles

Grandma Kitty and Grandpa Brian and Myles

Myles, Zane and Henry enjoy playing in the pool for
Myles Birthday!

Love you Matt!